Who we are

Animals All Around is a company dedicated to providing world class animal trainers, animal entertainment and animal services for any film, production, live show or special event anywhere around the globe. We strive to produce consistently high quality work and to provide a smooth, successful and professional service.



I have a lot of people ask me how it is that I got to where I am in my life, both with my career and my happiness. I am fortunate enough to have had the confidence that is needed to chase whatever it is that I have wanted.


Zelie Bullen

Zelie Bullen (formerly Zelie Thompson) has worked in film and television her entire career. She has over 25 yrs experience with horses and has been lucky enough to work with a large range of both exotic and domestic animals.


Craig Bullen

Craig was born and raised in one of Australia's biggest ever circus families... Bullens.

Craig has toured with his family's own circus and many other circuses both Nationally and Internationally for over 40 yrs, since he was a baby.


Appearances & Clinics

We are receiving numerous requests for appearances, meetings, judging, and clinics at the moment.

My apologies, but Craig and I are currently committed on a full-time project and cannot commit to anything else.

I apologise if we don't get time to reply to every single request personally, there are just too many at the moment!


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