I have a lot of people ask me how it is that I got to where I am in my life, both with my career and my happiness. I am fortunate enough to have had the confidence that is needed to chase whatever it is that I have wanted.

When things have gotten tough or barriers have popped up along my way I have often “sat on the fence” for a while and wonder how it is that I’m going to get through. In time, usually when I have ’let go’ of trying to control my life and focused more on thinking about what I want, a door has opened and my questions have been answered. Many times I’ve had a detour of where I was headed but when I have remained focused on my goal I have gotten there.

I believe anyone can do this. We all have amazing power inside ourselves to get what we want. I sincerely believe life is what you make it.

 Believe in yourself, find your confidence and follow your dreams.
 I wish you all a wonderful journey and good luck on chasing your very own dreams!

(By Zelie Bullen)

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