Zelie Bullen

Zelie Bullen (formerly Zelie Thompson) has worked in film and television her entire career. She has over 25 yrs experience with horses and has been lucky enough to work with a large range of both exotic and domestic animals.

Zelie was born and raised in the outskirts of Perth in a Charming Rustic Village called "Darlington". Animals surrounded her life from birth but she was made to wait until her 10th birthday to finally get the responsibility of her 'very own' first pony. From a very young age Zelie had planned to become a veterinarian. That was until she discovered a way to chase her true calling which was to “play” with animals and their natural behaviour and then to ultimately train animals for a living.

In 1992 after completing a diploma in Agriculture, Zelie left Murdoch University (where she was completing a degree in Biology) to chase her dream of becoming a professional animal trainer and also a stunt performer. She re-located to Queensland’s Gold Coast where the entertainment industry was then booming.

Warner Brothers Movie World was her first stepping stone before becoming established in the stunt industry in the early 1990‘s. Stunt work soon engulfed Zelie’s life for an 8 year period, however during this time she used every opportunity she could to travel the world and learn more about her heartfelt passion, animal training.

Zelie is now at a point in her life when she has accomplished every goal and dream she had as a young woman and she constantly jokes about having to these days come up with new dreams and fun adventures to live out with her young family. What a wonderful place to be in!

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