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Production Year Position
Eden 2020 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
Foxtel Cannonball Run TVC 2020 Animal Coordinator
The Last Zombie 2020 Animal Coordinator/Trainer
Buckley's Chance 2019 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
Love and Monsters 2019 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
Dirt Music 2019 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
KOKO Story 2019 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
Reckoning 2019 Animal Coordinator/Head Trainer
Peter Rabbit 2 2019 Stunt Performer
Storm Boy 2017 Animal Coordinator
Wake In Fright 2017 Animal Coordinator/Dog Trainer
Red Dog: True Blue 2015 Head Dog Trainer/Horse Trainer
Australian War Memorial 2014 Audio Tour Author/Presenter
Lightening Point 2011 Stunt Rider
War Horse 2010 Liberty Horse Trainer
H2O Just Add Water 2008 Horse Master/Trainer
H2O Just Add Water 2008 Stunt Dbl
Heartbeat 2008 Horse Master, Stunt Dbl
Tostitos TVC 2008 Animal Co-Ord & Trainer
Mr. Bones II (South Africa) 2008 Animal Trainer
The Ruins 2007 Horse Master
H2O, Just Add Water 2006 Horse Master
The Black Balloon 2006 Stunt Performer
Elephant Tales 2005 Animal Trainer
Charlotte’s Web 2005 Animal Trainer
The Legend of Zorro (Mexico) 2005 Animal Trainer, Stunt Dbl
Racing Stripes (South Africa) 2003 Animal Trainer
AXA TVC 2002 Horse Master
Mc Donalds TVC 2002 Elephant Wrangler
Fat Cow Motel 2002 Horse Master
The Crocodile Hunter 2002 Stunt Dbl
AAMI TVC 2002 Stunt Dbl
Le Bros De Ferme (France) 2001 Horse Wrangler
The Scorpion King (USA) 2001 Horse Wrangler
Blanche (France) 2001 Lead Stunt Dbl
Scooby Doo 2001 Stunt Assistant
Lantanna 2001 Lead Stunt Dbl
Curse of the Talisman 2000 Stunt Performer
Beastmaster - Series I & II 1999-2000 Animal Trainer, Stunt Dbl
The Lost World - Series I & II 1999-2000 Animal Trainer, Stunt Dbl
Crocodile Dundee in LA 2000 Animal Trainer
South Pacific 2000 Horse Master
Curse of the Talisman 2000 Horse Master
Cameleon III 2000 Stunt Performer
The Magician 1999 Stunt Dbl
Amazon (Canadian Series) 1999 Lead Stunt Dble
Journey to the center of the Earth 1999 Stunt Performer
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch 1999 Stunt Performer
Bored Olives 1999 Stunt Assistant
Diamond Back 1999 Stunt Performer
Holy Smoke 1998 Lead Stunt Dble
The Matrix 1998 Stunt Safety
Babe II 1998 Stunt Performer
Greenstone (New Zealand) 1998 Stunt Dbl
Thunderstone 1998 Lead Stunt Dble
Murder Call 1998 Stunt Dble
Sun Herald TVC 1998 Stunt Performer
Running Free (Namibia) 1998 Animal Trainer
Greenstone (New Zealand) 1998 Horse Wrangler
The Thin Red Line 1997 Stunt Co-ord Assistant
Tales of the South Seas 1997 Stunt Double
Ocean Girl - Series IV 1997 Lead Stunt Dbl
Roar 1997 Stunt Performer
Flipper - Series II 1997 Horse Wrangler
Medivac 1997 Lead Stunt Dbl
Talk to the Animals 1996 Stunt Dbl
Dark City 1996 Lead Stunt Dbl
Dianna and Me 1996 Stunt Performer
Paradise Road 1996 Stunt Performer
ACRI 1996 Lead Stunt Dbl
Talk to the Animals 1996 Horse Wrangler
Jackie Chan’s First Strike 1996 Stunt Performer
Ocean Girl - Series III 1996 Lead Stunt Dbl
Space, Above and Beyond 1996 Stunt Performer
Lightning Jack 1994 Horse Wrangler
In Pursuit of Honour 1994 Horse Wrangler
Time Trax - Series II 1994 Stunt Dbl
Ocean Girl - Series II 1994 Lead Stunt Dbl
Paradise Beach 1994 Stunt Performer
The 7.30 Report 1994 Stunt Performer
Ocean Girl - Series I 1993 Lead Stunt Dbl
The Late Show 1993 Stunt Performer
Totally Wild 1993 Horse Wrangler
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