Zelie Bullen Live Shows

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Production Year Position
Mogo Zoo Feb-Mar 2020 Animal Coordinator
Mogo Zoo Christmas 2019 Animal Coordinator
Paradise Country 2019 Animal Trainer/Presenter
Australian Outback Spectacular 2015 - 2020 Trick Riding Instructor
Australian Outback Spectacular 2014 - 2016 Liberty Horse Trainer 
Private Function 2015 Elephant and Monkey Handler
Webers Circus 2014 - 2015 Rosinback Horse Trainer
Circus Joseph Ashton 2012 - 2014 Animal Trainer/Presenter
Brian Boswell’s Circus (S. Africa) 2011 Animal Trainer
Brian Boswell’s Circus (S. Africa) 2010 Animal Consultant/Trainer
The Horseman From Snowy River 2009 Trick Rider/Stable Manager
Circus Olympia 2008/2009 Animal Trainer/Presenter 2008/2009 Animal Trainer/Presenter
The Horseman From Snowy River “Outback Spectacular” Tour 2009 Trick Rider & Trainer
Circus Olympia “Ponies/cows/goats/donkeys/ducks” 2008/09 Trainer & Presenter
GoldCoast Show “Animals in Film” Demo 2008 Director, Trick Rider & Animal Trainer
Caungra Show “Animals in Film” Demo & Trick Riding 2008 Director, Trick Rider & Animal Trainer
Australian Outback Extravaganza - Sydney 2008 Trick Rider
Gold Coast Show “Animals in Film” Demonstrations 2007 Director & Animal Trainer
Dallas/Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (USA) 2003 Trick Rider
Mogo Zoo, BULLENS Performing Elephants 2003 Assistant Trainer
Lennon Brothers Circus, BULLENS Perf Elephants 2003 Assistant Trainer
The Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular (Syd, Bris, Melb, Perth) 2002 Trick Rider and Liberty Horse Trainer
Equitana International Trick Riding Team - Brisbane 2002 Trick Rider
The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2002 Liberty Horse Trainer
Burton's Circus, BULLENS Perf Elephants - Adelaide 2002 Assistant Trainer
Mario Lurashi's Stunt & Dressage Horse Spectaculars (France) 2001 Horse Wrangler
Opening Ceremony for the 2000 Olympic Games - Sydney 2000 Precision Horse Rider
Australian Stunt Master's Cowboy's and Indians (Jakarta) 1997 Stunt Performer
Outlaw Action Stunt Team - Gold Coast 1996 Stunt Performer
ThunderStunts - Gold Coast 1994 Stunt Assistant
Horse and People Magazine 1994 Trick Rider
Western Action Stunt Show, WB Movieworld 1992-94 Stunt Performer
Various Trick Riding Shows and Demonstrations 1992-2002 Trick Rider


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