Craig Bullen Live Shows

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Production Year Position
Mogo Zoo Feb-Mar 2020 Animal Trainer Presenter
Mogo Zoo Christmas 2019 Animal Trainer Presenter
Paradise Country 2019 Animal Trainer/Presenter
Australian Outback Spectacular 2015 - 2016 Circus Pony Trainer
Various Photoshoots 2015 - 2016 Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Elephant Trainer/Handler
Private Function 2015 (Dec) Elephant and Monkey Trainer/Handler
Australian Outback Spectacular 2014 - 2015 Liberty Pony Trainer
Circus Joseph Ashton 2012 - 2014 Liberty Horse Trainer/Presenter
Brian Boswell's Circus (S. Africa) 2011 Animal Trainer
Brian Boswell's Circus (S. Africa) 2010 Animal Consultant/Trainer
The Horseman From Snowy River 2009 Performer
Circus Olympia 2008 - 2009 Trainer/Presenter
The Horseman From Snowy River “Outback Spectacular” Tour 2009 Trainer
Circus Olympia “Ponies/cows/goats/donkeys/ducks” 2008 - 2009 Trainer & Presenter
GoldCoast Show “Animals in Film” Demo 2008 Animal Trainer
Caungra Show “Animals in Film” Demo & Trick Riding 2008 Animal Trainer
Australian Outback Extravaganza - Sydney 2008 Wrangler
Gold Coast Show “Animals in Film” Demonstrations 2007 Animal Trainer
Dallas/Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (USA) 2003 Wrangler
Mogo Zoo, BULLENS Performing Elephants 2003 Trainer & Presenter
Lennon Brothers Circus, BULLENS Perf Elephants 2003 Trainer & Presenter
The Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular (Syd, Bris, Melb, Perth) 2002 Horse Trainer
Equitana International Trick Riding Team - Brisbane 2002 Wrangler
The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2002 Liberty Horse Trainer
Burton's Circus, BULLENS Perf Elephants - Adelaide 2002 Trainer & Presenter
Lennons Brothers Circus, BULLENS Performing Elephants 1998 - 2000 Trainer & Presenter
The Great Moscow Circus, BULLENS Performing Elephants 1996 - 1998 Trainer & Presenter
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